geckobrands Gets You Outdoors With Innovative, Water Resistant Gear

geckobrands Gets You Outdoors With Innovative, Water Resistant Gear

Even the most diehard outdoor enthusiasts don’t leave home without their phone. From documenting scenery to listening to music while hiking, electronics are part and parcel when it comes to getting outside and exploring. Geckobrands commitment to maintaining an active lifestyle, especially in and around water, is exemplified in their vast selection of waterproof coolers, totes, backpacks and phone totes for people on the go.

Geckobrands has been creating solutions for the most serious outdoor enthusiasts since 2012. Customer feedback is crucial to the company’s product development, which is focused on getting out and getting going.

Water sports fans appreciate the premium fabrics used for each bag. They lightweight and durable design are ultra-portable and rugged to handle any adventure. Quality matters, so expect long lasting performance from each bag.

In addition bags of all sizes, geckobrands also features waterproof beach mats in a variety of patterns. Extra bonus? At 7'x7' you can fit up to 4 people and use the sand pockets or corner loops to secure on windy days.

LifeToGo is proud to partner with geckobrands. Adventure is in our DNA, and we look forward to exploring with geckobrands products by our side.