Reset Your Body and MInd With Elizabeth Irvine-Led Meditations

Reset Your Body and MInd With Elizabeth Irvine-Led Meditations

Do you have 10 minutes? Can you carve out time in between Zoom calls and homeschooling, laundry and yard work? The answer is yes, even if that means pushing something else aside. The dishwasher can definitely wait until after you have taken the time to reset, refocus and refresh with nurse, educator, and award-winning author Elizabeth Irvine.

Her meditation exercises are the perfect way to find quiet in the midst of breaking news headlines, social media posts and the other stresses of life. Her meditations are balm for the mind and the soul. Her full selection of meditations are available on Spotify, and are guaranteed to be the best 10 minutes of your day.



Elizabeth Irvine is a nurse, educator, and award-winning author. Her philosophy and teachings are based on thirty years experience as a health care professional and through her yogic style of living. In her approach to wellness, she fuses modern technology with thousands of years of natural wisdom to reach beyond the use of conventional medicine.

Irvine’s books, Healthy Mother Healthy Child and A Moment’s Peace provide women and families a simple guide for bringing peace and serenity into the home. The Jewelry Project creates a tangible keepsake paired with Meditations From the Earth.

Her experience as a speaker and workshop presenter include places such as Miraval Resort, Tucson AZ, and M.D. Anderson’s Integrative Medicine Program; writing and producing video, workshops and yoga programs for numerous organizations, currently at the Jung Center and the Houstonian Health Club & Spa and leads retreats for intimate groups in locations around the world. A new focus of her work is one-to-one sessions and online education.