Spice Up Every Meal With Montana Mex

Spice Up Every Meal With Montana Mex

Chef Eduardo Garcia passionately believes real food deserves real spices, and that those spice can be tasty and good for you. His Montana Mex condiment line blends the very best ingredients, packing a flavorful Mexican-inspired punch without artificial colorings and chemicals. Spices, seasonings, avocado oils, barbecue sauces and ketchups are among the Montana Mex mix, offering fresh ways to spice up every meal.

Garcia knows his way around the kitchen and the great state of Montana too. He combined his two loves and deemed his condiment collection “Montana Mex.” After traveling extensively as a personal chef for private clients aboard yachts around the globe, he decided to return to Montana with his years of culinary experience guiding his next steps. 

“My adventures at home or abroad always revolve around anything and everything to do with exceptional tasting food, most of the time being cooked outside over a hot bed of coals,” Garcia says. “At the heart of these tasty bites I have found my connection with this world.  It lies within the people, the places and the stories, this is what I find calling me back time after time.”

His return to his home kitchen led him to create condiments that not only taste delicious, but made with care and consideration for those eating clean, adhering to Keto and vegan lifestyles and those who just amping up the flavor profiles of their meals, one bite at a time.

As one does, Garcia loves all of the Montana Mex line, but the jalapeño seasoning is his personal favorite. The trio of Seasoning Superheroes includes Mild Chile Seasoni, Sweet Seasoning and Jalapeno Seasoning, while the trio of sauces includes Ketchup, Sweet & Spicy BBQ Sauce and Sweet & Spicy Habanero Sauce. Avocado Oils round out the Montana Mex line of items.

In addition to being a whiz in the kitchen, Garcia is an outdoor enthusiast and graciously shares his life story after suffering a tragic incident that left him fighting for my life in the middle of the Montana wilderness. 

“Undoubtedly a crux point in my life and what has become my trajectory moving forward.  This event wasn’t a setback, it was a kick in the ass.  Life is too short to settle for lukewarm,” he says. Garcia uses his experience for good on behalf of the Challenged Athletes Foundation and speaks to groups around the world.

LifeToGo is proud to partner with Garcia and his Montana Mex food line. Living life deliciously is part of our DNA, and Chef Garcia exemplifies that ideal perfectly. Look for Montana Mex recipes and cooking demonstrations in the future. Your taste buds will appreciate it...promise!