This article originally appeared in Afar.

Whether you want to shop in Viennese Christmas markets or catch a show in Las Vegas, these are the ultimate stops for December travel. 

If you feel like you deserve a gift or two after powering through your family’s list, we don’t blame you. So why not plan a trip as a reward? Tack on R&R time to a family visit, perhaps, or burn through some of the excess PTO involuntarily accrued over the last two years.

For long-haul trips, consider the Southern Hemisphere for a jolt of midsummer, or just a chance to recharge on a beach; in the Northern Hemisphere, how about a skiing spot? Or you could journey halfway around the world to see one of the oldest continually operated horse racing stadiums host its most important, and energetic, annual race.

Whatever you need to maximize the festive feel, we’ve got you covered. Here are the 10 best places to travel in December 2021.