This article originally appeared in Well+Good.
We all have our fitness kryptonite. For some, it's running or burpees and for others, it's arm day. If you find upper-body workouts to be a challenge or you aren't quite sure what to do, try a back and shoulder workout. Newbie or not, you can opt for a 100-percent bodyweight workout, or if you have the experience and are up for the challenge, you can implement resistance with weights or resistance bands.

As a general rule, you should aim to do workouts that target all the muscles in your body in order to function optimally. You don't have to do full-body workouts daily, but when you plan your workout for the week, at some point, you should target all your muscles. And when it comes to the upper body, incorporating workouts that single out your back and shoulders will set you up for success in the long run—after all these are postural muscles that affect how you move throughout the world.