Does your schedule look different now from when it did last week? Maybe you have children at home and are trying to juggle being a SAHWP (stay-at-home-working-parent) or are simply trying to keep sane while working from home for the first time. Whatever your situation is, ease your stress by implementing these healthy habits today. You will feel better, physically and mentally, in a matter of minutes … guaranteed!

Establish a Schedule and Stick To It (As Much As You Can)

Let’s start with your nutrition. (It is 70 percent of the equation after all!) As much as it may seem like you have a hall pass to venture into the kitchen whenever you’d like, try to put up some boundaries. This is definitely harder if you have young children (or an eating disorder, in which case I recommend you reach out to an expert to get help ASAP), but establishing eating windows will help prevent mindless munching