Are you constantly tired throughout the day and can’t make it through without a nap? Has your brain fog gotten so out of control that your daily to-do list seems impossible to accomplish? Have you felt like your body and mind are out of sync when performing a simple task, let alone a tough workout?

If you’ve answered yes to any (or all) of these questions, it’s likely that your body and mind are experiencing fatigue. Fatigue is often described as feeling overtired, having low energy throughout the day and lacking basic motivation. While we may be painfully aware of the symptoms brought on by fatigue, what are the potential causes of it? The answer isn’t always simple.

Fatigue can be brought on by a series of factors, including our diet, improper thyroid function and extreme stress. Keeping our bodies in pivotal health is crucial to keep fatigue levels low and our body performing at full capacity. To help you distinguish the factors that could be leading to your fatigue, we’ve rounded up 10 possible causes backed by medical professionals and studies to help pinpoint how your environment may be attributing to your body’s lack of energy.