We the people own some 800 million acres of public land, including forests, national parks, wildlife refuges, conservation areas, and seashores—all brimming with opportunities to explore. That’s about two acres for every person living in our country. It’s staggering. And it’s a treasure.

So we challenged ourselves to find 100 incredible trips and activities within these protected spaces. From hiking across the 3,500-acre Goblin Valley State Park in Utah to digging for clams in South Carolina’s shellfish grounds to floating through the Ozarks on Eleven Point River, these adventures highlight just how massive and disparate this land is. And the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

In December 2017, a presidential executive order was signed, shrinking Bears Ears National Monument, in southeastern Utah, by about 85 percent. There are more proposals on the table, on both the state and federal level, to reduce acreage and restrict access to our lands and waters.