14 Stretches To Counteract The Effects Of Sitting, From A Physical Therapist

This article originally appeared in MindBodyGreen.

It's hard to believe something as innocuous as sitting could be dangerous. But as it turns out, it can be. With many people working desk jobs or attending school online, the amount of time spent sitting can really add up.

Aiming to have a less sedentary lifestyle overall is important, but for those days when you are sitting for longer hours, some stretches can be helpful. As a physical therapist, here's what I tell my patients about the importance of standing, along with some stretches I often recommend to improve range of motion, relieve tightness, and prevent muscle loss.

Why is sitting dangerous?

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services gathered data from current studies to update its Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans—and a couple of findings were a little worrisome.  


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