This article originally appeared in Food52.

When we think of spring cleaning, we imagine a full-day affair of vacuuming, mopping, dusting, and the like, but sometimes a little burst of cleaning or tidying can be almost as satisfying as a deep clean.

And oftentimes, even after a full-force cleaning day there are little pockets of our home that escaped the scouring frenzy. As part of Home52’s spring cleaning efforts, I gathered up a host of cleaning tasks you can do in five minutes or less (yes, really!). These are low-impact, high-reward projects that will make your home feel fresh—and some of them may even surprise you!

1. Touch Up The Walls

Grab your trusty magic eraser, dampen it lightly, and buff out five minutes worth of the little marks and smudges on your walls—or just aim to freshen up the area around every light switch (the wall is almost always dingy there).

2. De-Fuzz The Shades

Clean My Space founder Melissa Maker likes to use a lint roller (the kind with the roll of sticky sheets) to clean lots of unexpected things. One quickie we love: Use the lint roller to lift dust off of lampshades. (Though, she cautions to be extra gentle with paper lampshade or skip this tactic altogether.) Start in the bedroom to breathe easier at night!