This article originally appeared Food52.

Here's something to sip on: nonalcoholic cocktails. The next time you're craving a booze-free beverage that's refreshing, flavorful, and admittedly far more interesting than seltzer water mixed with a splash of cran or OJ, turn to these 22 recipes. From variations on homemade lemonade to a fizzy cooler that features a generous scoop of homemade orange sherbet (hey, you can have your ice cream and eat it, too!), these drinks are creative takes on punches, spritzes, and more.

These recipes call on beautiful seasonal produce like berries, watermelon, and stone fruit during the summer, rhubarb during the spring, and root vegetables like beets during winter. Rim a glass with fiery spices for a bit of heat, or add a sprig of thyme or rosemary for a subtle earthy flavor and a stunning visual aid. Low-ABV and nonalcoholic cocktails are finally getting their time in the spotlight, and we're so excited to celebrate them with these recipes from our superstar recipe developers.