This article originally appeared in Well+Good.

When Daniel Kennedy, the CEO of Oasis of Hope Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico, set out to make his seven-part docuseries, Healthy Long Lifehe knew he wanted to explore regions full of longevity secrets beyond the obvious (think Blue Zones communities of Sardinia and Okinawa).
While filming the series, Kennedy and his team connected with experts including Mayan shaman Bartolome Poot Nahuat; Pedro Batiz, the co-founder of Divine Flavor; and Rosa Contreras-Tessada, the nutritionist at Oasis of Hope Hospital. The team also got to know several Mexican centenarians who were eager to share their secrets to living to be over 100 in good health.
One such place: Mexico.
“We went to Mexico to learn about the builders of the pyramids [of Chichen Itza] and the Mayan traditions modern-day healers still carry with them,” says Kennedy, who is the docuseries’s director and producer. “Mexico has an especially rich history of using medicinal plants, too.”