This article originally appeared in Shape.

After spending the last year and a half indoors, putting together jigsaw puzzles, baking sourdough bread, and binge-watching practically every series on Netflix, it's time to stretch your legs and pick up a fresh-air pastime.

While you could go the basic route and hike some National Parks or start a backyard garden, consider embracing your thrill-seeking side and trying out these adventurous outdoor hobbies instead. To get started, check out these must-have tips and the how-to clinics worth attending so you can pick up your new outdoor hobby with ease.

Mountain Biking

When you want to boldly go on more challenging mountain biking routes, getting your balance on the bike out of the saddle is the strong foundation you need, says Meagen Dennis, the owner of the Trek Dirt Series mountain biking clinics (90 percent of the instructors are women). "The ready position — standing on your pedals, off your seat, with your knees and elbows bent and your chin in line with your handlebars — prepares us to roll over anything on the trail," says Dennis.