This article originally appeared in MindBodyGreen.

You've likely heard it thousands of times: Practicing safe sun is a nonnegotiable. And while most of the focus zeroes in on preventing sun damage (and rightfully so), sometimes sunburns happen, especially as we enter the throes of a scorching summer. Plus, burns and sun damage come in some obvious and not so obvious ways, too. For fair- and medium-skin-toned individuals, burns can be barely there pink to red, tender to the touch, and feel dry. On darker-toned individuals, skin may feel hot, overly sensitive, or simply itchy. Any skin tone may also experience peeling after the fact.

If you get burned, don't beat yourself up. Just find yourself a good aprés-sun routine. Here, we've named five of the best natural remedies for sunburn relief: skin tested and derm-approved: