There’s been a murder, and you’re guilty. Yes, you’ve killed off your motivation by doing the same bodyparts in the same order using the same exercises on the same days every week-forever.

 Sure, it’s nice to have predictability, but your body gets used to a set routine quickly and figures out a way to do it more efficiently which means diminished results — until the dreaded plateau! Here are some creative ways to change up your bodypart split and get yourself back on the road to progress. Implement some of these — stat! — and you might get off on parole.

Push/Pull Split

With this technique, you superset a push move with a pull move. For example, perform a biceps curl with a triceps pressdown. This type of training helps promote balance in strength and size between your opposing muscle groups and helps prevent injuries. Separating your muscles by function (push and pull) also means you’re able to train the same muscles more often, which means faster results.