The way you start your morning can really impact the rest of your day, so start out with a morning ritual and set yourself up for a success! Give one, or all of these a try the next time you roll out of bed.

#1 No Devices
Upon first waking up in the morning, most people reach for one of their devices to check their emails or catch up on the latest social media updates. When this happens, you can easily get caught up in your inbox or fall into a social media black hole and, before you know it, are already running late and haven't even left your bed yet. Do yourself a favor and try to avoid checking your phone!  Take some deep breaths instead, and think about the warm shower you're about to climb into or the warm coffee you'll soon be pouring or the yummy Thunderbird bar just waiting for you!

#2 Positivity
Another way to replace that instinctual phone grab, is to think of one to three things you are grateful for right upon waking. Whether it is waking up in a warm bed, being employed and having a job to go to (even if you don’t want to leave your warm bed), or perhaps it is waking up next to your significant other. Think about what you are grateful for in your life and go into your day with an attitude of gratitude.