This article originally appeared in Well+Good.

If your complete lack of social plans and events on your calendar in light of quarantining to stop the spread of the coronavirus have inspired a knee-jerk in you to jump in your car and drive…anywhere, I’m right there with you. As a travel writer who is used to being on the go all the time, I was already plotting my RV excursion in April. With lack of clarity about air-travel safety combined with the reality that there’s really nowhere specific you need to go (and likely not much open to do when you get there), taking a drive can feel like a great way to snag the change in scenery while still abiding by necessary pandemic safety precautions.

During times of uncertainty, campers and RVs not only provide a sense of freedom, but a feeling of control over our personal environment, as well—and that stability via constant motion is exactly what I needed. My plan was to drive from Ohio to my Los Angeles-based sister, but it turned out that she and her husband were ahead of me, having already purchased an RV. So our new plan took shape: They would come to Ohio for a couple weeks, then the three of us would drive back to L.A.