When you think of stretching, an image of pulling your arm across your chest or bringing your heel to your butt might come to mind. But then you might wonder why it seems like you're constantly dealing with frustrating, persistent aches (looking at you, lower back pain). I've got news for you: A truly good stretch isn't about going through the motions, it's about truly increasing range of motion and function in your body.

As for the best stretches to do daily, I've laid out and demonstrated some of my favorites below. All of these help with the most common types of pain in today's tech and quarantine world (think lower back discomfort, wrist aches, neck strain, and knee pain). Plus, they'll help you move better during workouts or even just daily tasks.

I recommend doing these stretches for about a minute each, ideally five times a week (if not daily) to keep your body functioning in tiptop shape. Carving out just a few minutes per day for movement and stress release can make a world of difference in your daily life—trust me.