Sadhana is a Sanskrit term that means to accomplish, solve, realize, or do. In practical terms, it means to breathe, exercise, visualize, remember, concentrate, interrogate (our own mind), resonate, and divinely grind, bead-by-bead on the mala of days and decades until we realize that our practice never ends. When we’re not on our mat or meditation pillow, we’re applying the fruits of our inner labors in the alchemical cauldron of life.

Those who wish to identify as yogis do yoga. “Doing yoga” means having a conscious intentionality around all things and striving for presence through all dimensions of being

The great Samurai swordsman Miyamoto Musashi said that one can only fight the way one practices. As yoga teachers and/or committed yogis, to hold a space of grace, we need to become familiar with the territory by visiting our practice every day.

Practicing daily has physical, mental and spiritual benefits: Your spine moves in all directions, your muscles flex, your nervous system de-stresses, your lungs expand, your chakras coordinate, your soul celebrates.