Working out at home isn’t always easy despite its convenience.

Many people are motivated by the energy of a group class or the in-person presence of a killer coach. You could be tight on space or lacking familiar equipment. Maybe you stand somewhere in the middle. Or maybe you absolutely love the efficiency of working out at home.

Those who are intrinsically motivated thrive in solo situations and don’t need the external influence of others to push through a tough workout. The benefits associated with working out are naturally satisfying regardless of the environment.

In the vast majority, however, lie those of us who are extrinsically motivated. We absolutely need someone there pushing us. These types of people are driven by recognition or praise, and without it, desire and intensity can fizzle out. In situations like these, trying to keep the intensity high can leave you feeling like a deflated balloon.

Here are some strategies to help you maintain all physiological aspects of a group atmosphere to keep you stimulated for peak performance: