5 Ways to Maximize Your Gym Time

5 Ways to Maximize Your Gym Time

If you have a busy schedule, squeezing in gym time can be tough.

While there are days when you can take your time, mull around and chat with your gym buds, sometimes you just gotta get in and out. So, how do you do that without skimping out on your workout? Here are a few tricks and tips to maximize your time at the gym without sacrificing your effort.

1. Warm Up on the Way

We get it, you’re busy, but warming up is an essential part of your workout. Save time by arriving at the gym already warmed up. Do walking lunges from your house to the car and from the car to the gym, suggests Gretchen Zelek, AFAA group fitness instructor, functional aging specialist, and co-founder of Donuts and Pie Fitness. “Skipping, hopping, brisk marching — whatever it takes to get your heart beating faster,” she says.

While you’re at it, warm up mentally, too. “World-class athletes visualize themselves as being victorious,” says Chris Shelton, certified qigong teacher with almost 20 years of experience. “Use this same principle for yourself. Breathe deeply and visualize how you want to feel right before you walk into the gym, during your workout and 10 minutes afterward.”