Editor’s Note: Travel might be complicated right now, but use our inspirational trip ideas to plan ahead for your next bucket list adventure. This article originally appeared in Travel+Leisure.

The eastern coast of the lower 48 United States borders the Atlantic Ocean for a distance of about 2,370 miles. Unlike the West Coast, where only three states border the Pacific, a total of 14 states lie along the Atlantic shores. And three other states — Pennsylvania, Vermont, and West Virginia — are considered “East Coast” states, even though they don’t touch the Atlantic. Plus, thousands of islands, islets, and peninsulas line the eastern shores of the U.S., from Maine to Florida.

In other words, this area is packed with enough to satisfy foodies, history buffs, beach lovers, and beyond. The original 13 colonies were located in the East Coast states, along with many cities prominent in the country’s history. Road trips along the East Coast also pass through beaches, rugged seashores, large cities, small towns, and intracoastal waterways. To top it off, seafood, from Maine’s lobsters to Maryland’s oysters to Florida’s stone crabs, is abundant. Nearly every state en route has a culinary specialty as well, making dining a memorable part of a road trip.