Sometimes there will be nights when you just can't resist your snack cravings. Or, maybe dinner was sparse and you know you won't be able to make it until breakfast without stealing a bite from the fridge. We get it. But what can you eat without completely ruining your daytime calorie-conscious efforts? 

Of course, there are the usual suspects: 

  • Airy popcorn (not the movie theater butter-drenched kind, mind) 
  • Rice cakes (popcorn's seemingly healthier "cousin")
  • Celery

All of the above options are low in calories. They're a healthy go-to because you can (sort of) throw portion control caution to the wind and serve yourself a heaping bowl of all three, and their airy nature makes them fairly filling.

Speaking of celery, most vegetables are lower in calories and can satisfy your crunchier cravings. So if you want to open the fridge at 10pm and sit down with a bowl of raw broccoli, asparagus, or a handful of sugar snap peas, go nuts. But if your go-to when late-night munchies strike isn't a crisp radish, here are a few other healthy snack choices to keep on hand.