It happens to the best of us: throwing away precious produce at the end of each week because it went bad before you got around to using it. Whether you purchased too much because of a sale, ordered takeout a bit too frequently, or simply threw it in your fridge and forgot about it, here are eight surefire ways to help minimize waste and always have fresh produce on-hand:

1. Adopt a FIFO mentality. 

In the culinary world, FIFO stands for “first in, first out.” Use this mantra to stock everything, especially produce, to ensure the first foods purchased remain up front and ready to grab. “Write directly on packages or use sticky labels to remind you what you bought first, second, and so on,” says Celine Beitchman, the Director of Nutrition at the Institute of Culinary Education, teaching health-supportive culinary arts career classes and professional development courses in culinary nutrition and food therapy. “If you have, say, more than one bag of onions that you purchased on different occasions, put the one you bought second below the first.”