This article originally appeared in MindBodyGreen.

In the current climate, we wager few parents are actually taking the time they need to care for themselves, create healthy habits, set their own goals, and so much more. Given we're all so cut off from each other, it can also likely feel like you're going on this journey alone. And that's a pretty terrible feeling to deal with. 

That's why Erica Lasan, coach and founder of JOYrney To Purpose, says it's vital to find a community to help you feel supported—and most notably, help keep you accountable so you are meeting your goals, keeping yourself healthy, and taking time for self-care. See, when it's just you, it can be hard to convince yourself that you deserve to prioritize your own joy—so have others do it for you. 

"It's super important to have people around you to hold you accountable to take care of yourself, because well, it's for you," says Lasan. "If you leave yourself to yourself, you're more likely to put yourself on the back burner."