When it comes to building the perfect butt, it’s all about one muscle. The gluteus maximus may be just one of three gluteal muscles, but it’s the most noticeable and is responsible for your shape and definition, and thus is the one that needs all your attention on leg day.

Still, though, the glutes can be hard to isolate because they work in concert with the hamstrings and quadriceps, and one side of your rear may even be stronger than the other, meaning some specialized attention to bring back balance. “If you’re having trouble hitting those glutes during your workouts, any of these exercises are guaranteed to isolate and activate muscle just where you need it,” says Kelly Von Schleis, certified health coach, personal trainer and information technology health-care consultant.
“Prepare to feel that next day, oh-so-good burn right where it counts.”Equipment required: Exercise band. (Kelly recommends Booty Bands dumbbells and bands. Shoppers who use the link provided will get a 10-percent discount.) Ankle weights are optional for added toning benefits. Kelly recommends Bala Bangles ankle weights.
Use code KELLYSCHE20 to get 15 percent off all products on the site.)Suggested warm-up: Do the following circuit of bodyweight moves with no equipment: 10 squat-to-toe raises, 20 reverse lunges (10 each side), 20 skiers (low crouch and hop side to side) and 20 jumping jacks.