Ask a Coach: Forearm Fixes

Ask a Coach: Forearm Fixes

Every strength coach has their favorite tactic for addressing grip strength. Here’s what these three had to say.

“For overall grip strength, things like farmer’s walks and plate-pinch grips are all great! What I really like to do are heavy pulling with no straps. Exercises such as heavy dumbbell and barbell rows and pull-ups are great for developing significant grip strength. At the end of a pull-up session, I will hang onto the bar for as long as I can at the bottom of the final rep until my grip totally fails.”

 Justin Grinnell, CSCS, owner of State of Fitness in Michigan

“Take a towel and throw it over a pull-up bar and do pull-ups gripping the towel, not the bar. If you are not able to do a pull-up, even a static hold can help build tremendous grip strength. But remember, there is always more muscle growth with movement rather than a static hold. Do pull-ups in this fashion for five sets of five reps. If you can add weight, do it. If you are unable to do any pull-ups at all, do five sets of static holds on the towel for max time.”

 Josh Bryant, MS, CSCS, owner of and author of Jailhouse Strong