Do The Calisthenics

Midlife Male 

By: Greg Scheinman 

I procrastinate, I do too many things at one time, I'm easily distracted, I'm temper mental, I get frustrated quickly, I say too much, I'm guilty of negative self talk, comparison, have confidence issues, social anxiety, body image insecurity, relationship challenges, trouble relaxing, get injured constantly, general jewish guilt and yet.... I'm truly very fortunate; have a great life, family, friends, dog, health, career, laugh a lot, eat well...And the reason I can say all of this and be all of this is because I'm doing my calisthenics...I don't sweat that stuff all that often anymore... Now, I'm not talking about your old school gym class calisthenics, although those are still good, I'm talking about everyday life calisthenics.

These are exercises that help manifest the life that you want; purpose, focus, simplicity, authenticity, contentment. A series of little things done consistently that over time result in big changes.

Where awareness goes, energy flows - Gurudeva

As I was driving home from getting a tire fixed on Kate's car this morning, it started raining...Now, let me preface this by saying that I really didn't want to have to go to the tire store today...It's annoying that a brand new car with fresh tires now has a nail in it and that I have to get up off the couch (I was watching Invincible for crying out loud...I love that movie) and go get this done....But I begrudgingly did it because I was told to, it wasn't gonna fix itself and now I can come home and tell Kate what a good husband I am and do my little "I'm great" dance instead of what I really want to tell her which was "Why don't you go do this on Monday while I'm at work..." (cue couples argument...3,2,1...go)...Back to the rain, which is what's most important here...So as it's pouring and I'm driving home in the new car, with the new tire, dry as can be I pass a family standing at the bus stop; mother, father, baby carriage, and another daughter probably around 7 years old and they're outside, getting drenched, no umbrella and waiting for the bus...And that's where my awareness went. That's where my energy flowed. To being grateful to have the new car, the means to buy the new tire, for being dry, for not having to take the bus and away from all that other stuff...Yeah, kind of surprised me too. So chew on that for a bit

Here is a list of the 10 Calisthenics that I'm currently working on; I say working on because I don't nail every one of these everyday but I'm trying...

1. Have a morning routine - Mine involves getting up before the rest of my family. I make coffee w/vital proteins, drink a huge glass of water with Athletic Greens, creatine and BCAA's, take a bath with Epsom salts, meditate and then I read/send emails for the day. This sets me up for the day.

2. Re-read your goals - I have my goals on paper; personal, professional, fitness...And I read them. It helps me stay focused, motivated and reminded of where I want to go. I should read them even more.

3. Do "One" Thing per day - I write down 3 things that I need to get done (that's why the "one" is in quotes...I think we can do more than one thing in a day...) Then I do the first one...If this takes all day then that's all I'll do...But if I finish, then I'll move on to number two and so on...The key is that you can't move on until you've finished the task before.

4. Invoke The 24 hour rule - I was the king of the immediate, emotional and often regretful response...Now, I have a rule that I write BUT wait 24hrs before sending. Everything can wait 24hrs. I'll re-read it the next day, check myself and ensure that I'm ok with actually sending it.

5. Check in with your accountability coach - You're going to have days where you lack motivation, can't get moving, aren't doing what you said you were going to do....You need someone for this. Find an accountability coach. Someone you can call, or better yet who calls you during the week and keeps you moving forward and on your game.

6. Stop saying you "Can't"- It's all in your thoughts. This calisthenic is particularly important. Be careful about what you are saying and thinking to yourself. Your thoughts are what you become. Only can, never can't.

7. Work your plan - You made the plan, right? Keep working it. Consistency is the key. Get up, show up, put in the work.

8. Exercise - Want to decrease stress, be happier, look better, feel better, move better, live longer, sleep better, have more energy, strength, endurance...This is a no brainer.

9. Understand your end code - This is all about knowing who you are. Coming back to center, not getting pulled into situations, places, people, jobs that don't align with your true self. You'll be continually tested on this one.

10. Practice - Whatever we practice we get good at. Simple as it gets.

It takes discipline to do the calisthenics. Discipline equals freedom. Freedom equals fulfillment.

Do your calisthenics.

Good luck!

Greg Scheinman


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