As we close the door on 2020 (okay, slam the door) and look ahead to 2021, we’re faced with all the encouraging possibilities a new year can offer: a fresh perspective, a second chance, and the opportunity to turn over a new leaf. But it doesn’t need to be that intense.

“There’s so much pressure leading up to January 1st, when in reality, it’s just another day,” says Nina Zorfass, a health coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.“Instead of creating grand resolutions that require your utmost attention and dedication, start small … very small. And start today. But most importantly, be kind to yourself when you mess up, because you’ll definitely mess up—you’re human! Each day is an opportunity to start fresh.”

We asked myriad doctors, personal trainers, nutritionists, coaches and naturopaths to share some of their surefire tips for achieving optimal health—physically, mentally, and spiritually—in the new year.

Here’s what they had to say...