This article originally appeared in Shape.
No matter if you take to the shore, lake, or other water spot, you're in for a cool, mood-elevating experience. Here, tips to get every drop of fun, fitness, and mental fulfillment out of your day on the beach. (Related: This Beach Workout Builds Serious Strength In the Sand)

Break Out the Boards

Looking to catch some waves? "Mornings are usually better for surfing, when there's less wind," says Anna Ehrgott, a pro free surfer who lives and rides in Southern California. And almost any beach will do: "As long as there are swells, you can find something to surf." If you're just learning the ropes, ask your surfboard shop for an instructor rec, or try a surf camp, such as Surf Diva in San Diego and women-only Pura Vida Adventures in Costa Rica.