Smacking snooze may keep your reflexes sharp, but University of Colorado, Boulder, research suggests getting out of bed just an hour earlier every day can make you happier. Being a “morning person” corresponds to a 23 percent lower lifetime likelihood of having major depressive disorder. Good news for those looking to mitigate depression with lifestyle tweaks.

So how do you turn a night owl into an early bird? Hit the sack 15 minutes earlier tonight and set your alarm (located across the room) 15 minutes earlier. Stick with this for two days, then bump up your bed- and wake-time by another 15 minutes. Repeat this until you’ve successfully trained your body to sleep and rise on a different schedule. Other tips: Skip the caffein after 4 p.m., use blackout shades, turn your thermostat to 65 and put away electronic devices an hour before bed.

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