You eat healthy foods, you exercise and if you have children or pets, you’ve baby proofed or animal proofed your home. All excellent actions. But what about making your home a safer place from toxins? And what is the best way to lower toxin exposure? We’ve tapped into the wisdom of our expert host and speakers for our Institute for Natural Medicine Low Toxin Living Housecall video series to find out how to detox your home and your life.

Throw out chemical cleaning products and replace them with household cleaners made from natural ingredients. Nature has its very own list of disinfectant ingredients that don’t need to be made in a chemical laboratory.

And, Dr. Christian Gonzalez explains in this video, don’t believe everything you read on product labels, some cleaning product brands products use “green washing” labels and terms, meaning they are wanna-be-products, but are not actually safer for you or the environment. For a list of approved green cleaning brands, check out the Environmental Working Group’s guide to safe cleaning products here.