Stop dodging that pullup bar. Even if you haven’t completed a single pullup in 20 years, it’s never too late to try again. And while it may take some time, these beginner pullup tips from US Marine and Youtube pullup sensation, Michael Eckert, will help get you back above the bar.

Beginner Pullup Tip #1: Grip Strength

Grip strength is crucial for being able to pull yourself up. Unfortunately, tapping away at the computer keyboard or phone screen is not going to help. To improve your grip strength, Eckert suggests three different workouts––farmers walks, pinch plate holds and dead hangs.

Beginner Pullup Tip #2: Elbow Flexion

If you want to be able to pull yourself up, you need to work on your elbow flexion. This means working on the biceps, brachialis and brachioradialis––three muscles that are dominant when it comes to the pulling motion. To work these muscles, Eckert suggests two moves––the bicep curl and the plate pull.