This week I want to talk about resolve. I’m tired of hearing about resolutions.  What we should really be focused on is resolve. 

There's a subtle yet important difference between a resolution and resolve. 

A resolution is defined as a decision to do or not do something.

Resolve is defined as a firm determination to do something.

 Read that again.

 Now let it sink in. 

 Which one are you? How do you want to be perceived?

 The wishy washy, non-committed resolution guy or the clearly focused, results oriented resolve man? We're only a couple days into this year. It's not too late. In fact, it's never too late.

If you're the former, I challenge you to go back and make the change from "Here are my New Year's Resolutions" to "In 2021 I resolve to do the following".

That's big. That’s impactful. 

Anyone can make a resolution.  Very few have resolve. 

Two things I resolve to do every day in 2021:

1) Offer to help someone.

2) Ask for help from someone.

No two things have made a bigger difference in my life in the past year. Here are some ways to turn your resolutions into resolve. 

Must be quantifiable – “exercise more” and “make more money” are general statements and won’t help you get anywhere.  Get specific.

10 mins meditation per day

3 HIIT workouts per week and walk for 1hr 2 days per week

Read for 30 mins per day

Limit social media to one hour per day

Increase my income by 20% by selling cyber insurance to existing clients who currently don’t carry it.   

You get the point.

Write it ALL down. 

We have a running joke (but it’s very serious) in our house that if its not on the calendar, it doesn’t exist.  That’s everything.  Workouts, meditation, family dinner, new business calls, writing this newsletter…It’s all on the calendar and it all has TIME clearly allocated to it and reminders set.  Deadlines and timelines establish accountability and discipline.

Be results driven.  

Busy sucks.  Productivity rules.  Focus on the results you want and then put in the minimum effective dose to achieve your goal.  Your goal should inspire and motivate you each day, not scare you into not wanting to get out of bed.  Take your goals and break them down into measurable and manageable pieces.  How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time!  

Reward Yourself.  

It’s important to taste victory.  To enjoy the journey and process as much as the result.  Rather than wait until the end of the year or accomplishment of your “big” goal” to celebrate, reward yourself when you hit certain milestones.  When I land a client of “x” new revenue, I book a trip to someplace new.  Point is, don’t wait. 

This year, toss the useless resolutions and commit to having the resolve to achieve your goals. Remember, I’m here to help; And if I think you can help me, I’m going to ask you for it. 

2021. LFG

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