In case you haven’t noticed, bikers are getting charged up. Pedal-assist bikes make steep climbs and technical terrain less intimidating. E-mountain bikes don’t make squats obsolete, but they do open new territory for riders. Read why it’s worth nabbing an e-mountain bike, then check out the best pedal-assisted e-mountain bike routes across the country.


1. Slaughter Pen and Blowing Springs

Bentonville, Arkansas
The Slaughter Pen system includes rollicking downhill flow lines (Boo Boo and Choo Choo) and chundery Schroen Train. The Razorback Regional Greenway to the Blowing Springs network has cliffy drops and waterfalls.

2. South Mountain Park and Preserve

Towering saguaro cacti surround South Mountain Park and Preserve‘s 70 miles of blocky-rocky singletrack where Pivot Cycles developed and tested its Shuttle e-MTB.