At times, our workouts become as routine as brushing our teeth and making oatmeal for breakfast. We go through the motions and could practically do it in our sleep. And, speaking of sleep, can you recall when you last had at least 7 to 8 hours? Without sufficient sleep, who has the time or energy to even think about preparing meals? Trips to the grocery store have become as stale as the saltine crackers in the back of your pantry.

In order to make gains in the gym, we must challenge ourselves with intense workouts, a nutrient-rich diet and plenty of rest. But when you still haven’t nailed your pull-up goal, and your determination is lost (along with your earbuds at the bottom of your gym bag) workouts can become less appealing and even burdensome. Perhaps the last time you added weight to the squat rack, you were barely able come back up after the third rep.

If you’re struggling to excel in the gym and you’re brushing off sleep as something to “do later,” it’s time to reprioritize. Our fitness goals and progress are greatly impacted by our activity level, diet and the body’s ability to recover. Often overlooked, our hormones go haywire when we fail to find balance in our lives and seek quick fixes such as caffeine and excessive cardio sessions to relieve the stress and frustration.

Here are three healthy habits that will help you overcome the impact of unhappy hormones.