Brandon Leonardo is an avid and passionate alpine mountaineer and hiker who loves to climb mountains. 

He climbs mostly in the Pacific Northwest and Cascades but has plans to travel to other countries to climb some of their largest mountains as well. We are very proud to share his experience. 

“Recently I decided to give Boost Oxygen a test and take it up Mt. Rainier with me. The camp is at almost 10,000 feet, and summit is at 14,440 feet.  We didn’t really have time to acclimate much. I felt a bit light headed and nauseated towards the summit of Rainier last year and was very low on energy on the way down; almost stumbling at times due to a 1-day push.

This year when I started to feel the lack of oxygen I decided that by having Boost Oxygen, I had 150 breaths – which is about 2.5 hours of 1 breath per minute. Being it’s 95% pure oxygen, an extra breath is a substantial amount per minute. Well, I noticed I felt better after a breath. A sense of well-being came back, and it felt like I was instantly “revived” and more balanced.