How These Dietitians Use Raisins To Add Health Benefits To Holiday Meals

This article originally appeared in MindBodyGreen.

The holidays are bound to look different this year, but one thing that will likely remain is the stress of holiday cooking. Whether you're keeping it to the immediate family or hosting an intimate Friendsgiving with your closest bunch, prepping and planning the meals (big or small) is a task. One food that may help ease the burden? Raisins. 

Yes, raisins. 

The shriveled-up fruit may get a bad rap, but Jessica Jones, M.S., R.D., and Wendy Lopez, M.S., R.D., registered dietitians and founders of Food Heaven, can't stop praisin' the raisin.

What's so great about raisins?

Along with being affordable and versatile, raisins require no peeling, washing, or chopping. Simply purchase them and they're ready to be added to any dish. "Holiday cooking can be overwhelming, whether you're cooking for two or for 10," Lopez said. "Raisins take care of that." Plus, they're surprisingly loaded with health benefits.


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