This article originally appeared in Shape.

Biceps have a reputation as being just mirror meat. But far more than just a vanity muscle, your biceps support the health of your shoulders and elbows.

"Every time you bend your elbow or use your shoulders, your biceps muscles play a supporting role," says certified strength and conditioning coach Mia Nikolajev C.S.C.S. who competes in powerlifting. (Related: The Biceps Workout You Can Do Without a Huge Rack of Dumbbells)

Unfortunately, she says, many people skip out on bicep work altogether because they're afraid of looking like Popeye. (Spoiler alert: Popeye arms don't happen by accident!) Or, if they do train their bicep muscles, they skimp on one of the best bicep-strengthening exercises there is: the hammer curl.

Need more reason to add hammer curls to your workout routine? Below, learn everything there is to know about the exercise.