Eating vegan or vegetarian doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. As the resident cheapskate here at VT HQ, I’ve picked up a few habits over the years that have saved me bundles at the supermarket. Here are my wallet-friendly favorites:

Buy in Bulk 

It’s almost always cheaper! According to the Bulk Is Green Council, bulk buying will save you an average of 89 percent over buying packaged goods. Plus, you can get just as much or as little as you need rather than splurging on a big bag of, say, whole-wheat flour that’ll go rancid before you can finish it. Bulk is great for veg staples like nuts, seeds, spices, whole grains, and dried beans, but be careful: some specialty items like sprouted walnuts or goji berries can be expensive—in bulk or not—so always check the cost per pound before taking a scoop.