This article originally appeared Shape.

Picture this: You're cruising across Jackson Hole, Wyoming at dawn, best friend in the passenger seat, and pup snoring soundly on the backseat. Stretched behind you, a rented RV hauls your gear, sustenance, and sleeping abode for a rejuvenating week at the scenic campgrounds of Grand Teton National Park.

You'll be grilling, paddleboarding in Jenny Lake, and hiking picturesque trails. Once you and your crew have had your fill, you'll be packing your bags (truck?) and heading North to Yellowstone to do it all over again. This is RV living.

As summer weaves into fall and socially distanced travel becomes the norm, RV road-tripping has increased in appeal for all wanderlust travelers out there. So much so, that in a recent survey of more than 19,000 current and prospective RV owners, nearly 50 percent of respondents are planning a trip in October, which is past typical RV season that usually ends about the end of September.