You’d never apply for a new job without updating your resume, detailing your attributes, successes and skills — and you should treat your fitness career the same way. “A fitness resume reminds you of the success you’ve had on your fitness journey and shows you how far you’ve come,” explains David Chesworth, ACSM-certified exercise physiologist, wellness coach and fitness director at Hilton Head Health in South Carolina. “It also acts like a vision board to drive you toward your next goal at any point during your journey.”

Here’s how to make your own fitness resume to boost your motivation and increase your chances for success.



Just as a job resume outlines the position for which you’re applying, your fitness resume should summarize why this journey is important to you and what you hope to accomplish next. “The more specific and imagery-based it is, the more helpful,” Chesworth says. For instance, instead of saying, I’m going to get fit this year, switch that language to, I want to run a 5K by August, and I’ll accomplish that by working with a running coach.