This article originally appeared in Travel+Leisure.

Editor's Note: Those who choose to travel are strongly encouraged to check local government restrictions, rules, and safety measures related to COVID-19 and take personal comfort levels and health conditions into consideration before departure.

Paradise is so close to our borders you can almost taste it. Sitting just 575 miles off the coast of Miami sits Turks and Caicos, a British overseas archipelago made up of some 40 islands. It's a puddle-jumper flight that transports you an entire world away. It's also one of the few places currently welcoming American tourists amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Throughout much of 2020, the islands were more of a dream than a reality for many travelers as it shuttered its borders to tourists looking for a quick getaway. But now, they are not only welcoming visitors once again, they are doing so with open arms — so long as you're willing to mask up and test first.