It’s a fact: almost everyone wants to look younger than they really are. Since as long as we can remember, people have been chasing the fountain of youth. While no one knows where to find it, there are many ways to nourish our bodies and improve our holistic wellbeing--and feeling younger is just one of its multiple benefits.

Aging is inevitable. As tempting as it is to turn to cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery to try to reverse the process, drastic quick fixes are not everyone’s cup of tea. For the purists who want to keep it a hundred percent natural, there is a plethora of superfoods that can help slow the aging process or at least make us go through it more gracefully. Eating healthy on a regular basis not only boosts your immune system. It also gives you more energy, and perks up your skin with a vibrant glow and supple texture that comes from within. Read on for a list of easily accessible anti-aging foods that you can effortlessly incorporate in your daily diet.


This low-calorie leafy green gem packs a punch when it comes to nutrition. Not only does it boast high anti-inflammatory properties, it also helps prevent cancer and regulate blood sugar. And if you want to keep your skin, hair and bones healthy and strong, spinach is one of your best bets--thanks to its vitamin K and calcium content. It is also loaded with magnesium and iron, which helps give you that spring in your step.


When we say potassium, the first fruit that would come to mind is bananas. But unbeknownst to many, avocados can give bananas a run for its money. This energizing tropical fruit which is loved for its smooth and silky texture is also an excellent source of potassium, which regulates blood sugar levels and keeps your heart healthy. It is also rich in fiber which is beneficial to your digestive system and bowel health. With the help of your daily avo fix, bloating will be a thing of the past.


A staple in Mediterranean cuisine, onion can propel the taste of many dishes to another level. Known for its crisp texture and tangy aroma, this superfood contains potent anti-inflammatory compounds which help bring down your risk of heart disease and regulate blood pressure. When eaten raw, it also gives you added protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays. Add a generous amount of this anti-aging powerhouse to salads or other delicacies and pair it with some wine for a sumptuous treat.


It’s no secret that a healthy diet including omega-3 fatty acids makes your skin glow, that’s why it’s no surprise that salmon is a popular pick among both pescatarians and meat lovers alike. This alternative to meat protein boasts a chock full of antioxidants and vitamins. And the best part is you can also count on salmon to help you stay sharp by improving brain health and function.



Lemon is a widely-used ingredient in skincare products for its brightening properties when applied topically. But have you tried lemon water? This easy concoction is not only refreshing, but it is also rich in vitamin C that gives you a vibrant glow. It also improves your immune system and boosts your metabolism. Try having a glass of it every morning before breakfast, and that date night dress you’ve been eyeing will look even better on you in no time.

Bone broth

This nutritious broth doesn’t have to be delivered to you in fancy packaging by that health store you’ve been following online. You can make it at the comforts of your own home. All you need is some cooked chicken or beef bones--even better if you include the marrow and other connective tissues. Simmer them for an extended amount of time, and voila! You can now enjoy your protein-rich, collagen-packed, nutrient-dense bone broth. This restorative delight strengthens your immunity and helps reverse the signs of aging, too.



Don't be fooled by its plain and simple appearance. This light and creamy treat definitely weighs heavy on the nutrition scale. Just one cup delivers an army of live probiotics that reinforce your body’s good bacteria. Its calcium and protein content also serves as a big plus. Keep in mind that not everything labeled as yogurt contains live microorganisms, so look for the words “active” and “live” on the label to make sure you’re not just getting the flavor.


You can always depend on this golden yellow spice from your cupboard to help rejuvenate your skin and get back that youthful glow. Turmeric is a healing superfood that is high in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, making it a favorite across the globe. You can also use it for your next DIY facemask and let your skin soak up all its anti-aging goodness. When including it in your meals or beverage, don’t forget to add a dash of black pepper to aid its absorption and maximize its effects.