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Fact: Scotsmen really don’t wear anything under their kilts. 

Also, fact: At times, things can get a little, ahem, swampy under said kilts. 

Enter Nutdust, an all-natural body powder created by bona fide kilt-wearing Scots who wanted a talc-free powder that felt good on the skin, prevented chafing, and kept things fresh.  

Nutdust co-founders Chris Brown and Andy Clark came upon the idea in 2017 after attending friend's weddings in Scotland. Clad in wool kilts, they discussed the need for a chafe-free celebration and got down to business, formulating powders that were a far cry from Johnson & Johnson and Gold Bond. 

“This really was born from necessity. We wanted something high quality that really worked and didn’t smell like a medicine cabinet,” Brown said.  

After time in research and development, they discovered arrowroot, a soft, smooth, anti-chafing agent that absorbs moisture and provides full-day dryness. It was the key to Nutdust.  

Arrowroot’s fine texture keeps the powder clump-free, and its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties keep skin clear. Brown and Clark also blended pure, non-toxic essential oils to the formulations, utilizing an essential oils company with 150 years of experience.  

The Nutdust collection includes four hand-crafted blends: Laddie, Wildling, Naked and Voyager. Laddie draws from the great outdoors with a romantic, woodsy scent, Wilding leans into a citrus aroma, while Voyager offers hints of vanilla and cinnamon cast into an ocean breeze. Naked is just that, a non-scented unisex scent, sans fragrance and oils. 

“We did a lot of research,” Brown said. “We wanted all-natural ingredients and sustainable packaging. Laddie is woodsy but a little city, Wilding is refreshing and citrusy, but not overly sweet.” 

Voyager is unisex, with notes of cotton and floral, but Brown stresses that the overall scent is noticeably light.  

Despite the cheeky name, every Nutdust powder can be used by men and women, although the Nutdust creators were surprised when the Naked Nutdust became quite popular with an unexpected customer base—hunters. They appreciate the unscented powder’s power to combat heat and humidity when outdoors for long periods of time. Nutdust is also popular among the military, who use it in their combat boots.  

“Just because you’re a man, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have great products,” Brown said. And since sweating isn’t limited to just men, the Nutdust team are also working on formulations for their female customers as well.  

Famous Scot Billy Connolly was quoted as saying, “There are two seasons in Scotland: June and winter.” With Nutdust in your sporran, you’re sure to be prepared for whatever season you're in--kilted or not.

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