If you want to get in shape and stay healthy, you will need to make changes in the way you eat. That doesn’t even have to mean the biggest changes in the world. For example, you could make a change of choosing to not eat peanut butter.

Sure, peanut butter is great. If you don’t have an allergy to it, it really just tastes great on its own or paired up with other stuff. There’s the obvious grape jelly pairing. But you could also pair it up with apples and chocolate and all sorts of other things. It’s a great tasting snack.

But just because it tastes great, that doesn’t mean you should be eating peanut butter. That little change can help you hit the goals you want, even if it isn’t the most monumental change ever. It won’t even be that big a shift in taste if you start using the almond butter alternatives from Barney Butter.

Almond butter is the much healthier alternative than the peanut option. It has much less fat and cholesterol, leaving your body in a much better state than peanut does. And you can pick up the choices from Barney Butter are truly out of this world.