Breakfast is the number one meal people doing low-carb struggle with the most. The biggest complaint is having to eat the same few foods every single day (mostly egg or egg whites, bacon or sausage, and some people avoid the last 2 altogether).  

Here are 4 tips, tricks, recipe ideas:

1️⃣. Make UnbelievaToast! You can top with avocado, sugar free jelly, cream cheese...the possibilities are endless! Thought you had to give up toast? Think again! UnbelievaBuns only have 1.8 net carbs and pack 17g of protein. The perfect way to start your day!

2️⃣. Make a grilled cheese breakfast sandwich using UnbelievaBuns. You can add sausage or bacon or spice it up any way you want. UnbelievaBuns cook up just like regular bread, so prepare your grilled cheese the same way you would with regular bread.

3️⃣. Change up the way you make your typical breakfast. For example, instead of making scrambled eggs with a side of bacon every day, make this into an omelet and add green peppers, onions and top with salsa. Or make your eggs sunny side up and use UnbelievaToast to dip up the gooey goodness of the yoke!

4️⃣. Lastly, similar to number 3 above. Take your standard breakfast ingredients and slap them between an UnbelievaBun. This makes a killer breakfast sammy! This is what @jabreitfuss did in the picture 📸. This is scrambled eggs with green peppers, onions and ham, topped with avocado. The UnbelievaBun is toasted on the insides. 

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