Nothing says summer like homemade ice cream. But most recipes call for cream, egg yolks, and other animal products. And even dairy-free versions use white sugar, which may be processed with bone char, powdered bone that removes particles from sugar and makes it white.

But if you’re avoiding animal products, you don’t have to give up your favorite frozen treats. These purely vegan varieties are made with nut milks, coconut sugar, and unrefined vegan cane sugar, which doesn’t use bone char.

You can also swap in agave nectar, but it doesn’t freeze as well as crystalline sugars. We suggest using a combination of nut milks and coconut milk to diminish the robust coconut flavor and allow other, more subtle flavors to shine. Experiment with different combinations of nut and seed milks to see what works best for you. And try them all; you’ll be screaming for more!