A full size sandwich with only 4 net carbs and 34 grams of protein. That's the same amount of protein you'd get eating a 4oz grilled chicken breast (BORING!).

Tired of eating the same old foods? UnbelievaBuns allows you to have burgers, lunch sandwiches and toast, while still hitting your daily calorie, protein and carb goals.

This sammy is just one example of the endless possibilities with our buns. Here's the breakdown:

- 2oz turkey breast: 16.5g protein, 0 net carbs
- Half an avocado:  2g protein, 2 net carbs
- Lettuce & onion: 0g protein, <1 net carb
- Cumin Lime Ranch drizzle: 0g protein, <1 net carb
- UnbelievaBun: 17g protein, 1.8 net carbs