Summer isn’t always carefree. Playing outside is fraught with hazards such as bites, burns, allergies, and sprains. And motion sickness can put a serious damper on summer travel. This year, prepare yourself for the season by stocking a small zippered bag with first-aid basics—adhesive bandages, rubbing alcohol, instant cold packs, hand wipes, and tweezers—and include the following essentials to keep you happy and healthy all summer long.

1. Bug Bites and Stings

Campgrounds, hiking trails, and outdoor events are crawling with biting, stinging critters. Wear shoes, avoid perfume and strongly scented lotions or deodorant, and cover exposed skin—especially during sunrise or sunset, when insects are more active. Keep bugs at bay with a natural insect repellent, and stock up on natural topicals to ease itching, pain, and redness if you do get bitten or stung.